“Jerry” by The Clientele

The Clientele

I can’t believe it’s taken me nearly a week to write about this, but The Clientele recently released a new track entitled “Jerry”, which is from a forthcoming mini-album entitled Minotaur, which is being released before their September mini-tour here in the States. (And by “mini-tour,” I mean six dates on the west coast.)

The Clientele have been shaking up their sound a bit on recent records, but even so, I think you’ll be thrown for a loop by “Jerry,” which starts off with some noisy, serpentine guitar that’s quite unlike anything else in the band’s repertoire. Of course, there are plenty of tinkling pianos, loping basslines, and breathy vocals to go around as well, which means that “Jerry” might be the most schizophrenic song The Clientele have recorded to date.

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