Jet Li: The GreenCine Interview

GreenCine interviews Jet Li about his new film, Fearless:

Martial arts is also very important to my life. I learned everything through martial arts philosophy and I put everything in this film about what I believe. The physical is only a part of martial arts. The philosophy, honor, responsibility, what kind of person learns martial arts, how to use martial arts to help people. It’s more important than just kick ass, beat up somebody. So, from that point, I put everything already in this movie, so I having nothing to say in the future. That’s why it’s my last martial arts film.

And concerning martial arts and violence in general:

The physical contact is the first step of martial arts. The second step is, without hurting each other, without killing each other, use your head, use your heart, use strategy to stop the fighting before it happens. That’s the higher level. The highest, of course, is how to turn your enemy to become your friend. That’s the meaning of martial arts. It’s not just beating each other, but usually people don’t talk about that. They just see two guys beating each other and who wins, who’s the stronger. I worry about that. A lot of teenagers watching martial arts movies only focus on the violent part.

Fearless opens in Lincoln today.

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