Joey Ciccoline’s Eidolon Short Gets a Haunting Teaser

The film’s currently available to those who order Wilderness’ but will become public later this year.
Eidolon, Joey Ciccoline

As you might recall from my interview with Makeup & Vanity Set, the music from his latest album Wilderness inspired filmmaker Joey Ciccoline to create a sci-fi short titled Eidolon. The film is currently available to those who order Wilderness, but will be made public later this year. Here’s the official synopsis:

Running out of time, a young man works obsessively to keep his dying sister alive. Unable to remember anything before the accident that put her in this position, his sister trusts him implicitly. However, the reality of her situation and his method of giving her life is not what she expects.

I was fortunate enough to see an early cut of Eidolon, and it’s one of those pieces that leaves you wanting more in the best possible way. You want to know more about the characters and their history, and especially the strangely futuristic-yet-pastoral world they inhabit. And as strange as that thing in the background is, what’s with the guy in the suit, really? Watch the teaser below.

Note: This isn’t the first time that Ciccoline and Makeup & Vanity Set have worked together; they previously collaborated on Ciccoline’s sci-fi short, 88:88.

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