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Josh Hurst reviews Beak>

Josh Hurst reviews the self-titled debut from Beak> (which just so happens to be a Portishead side project):

How the listener will respond to it, then, is a matter of his or her context. Fans of this kind of low-key electronic music will likely find much to love here; Beak> roots their music in the kind of slinky Krautrock that so many indie bands of today are exploiting, including Portishead, by the way. But it’s not at all flashy; rather, it’s exploratory, the sound of Barrow and his two like-minded rhythm players working a groove and sustaining a vibe. For those whose entryway into electronica has been paved by Radiohead (or Portishead), meanwhile, Beak> might prove to be an interesting but ultimately wearying experiment, perhaps a bit too abstract and artsy to really work as an engaging listen on its own.

You can check out the album for yourself at Beak>‘s Bandcamp page.

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