Joy Electric’s Ronnie Martin presents Said Fantasy

Ronnie Martin may be best known as the synthpop genius behind Joy Electric, but over the years, he’s also released music as Ronald of Orange, The Brothers Martin (with Starflyer 59’s Jason Martin), The Foxglove Hunt (with Fine China’s Rob Withem), and of course, Dance House Children. And now, there’s another moniker to add to the list: Said Fantasy, a trio that Martin has formed with B Caroline and Missy Dawn.

According to the band’s MySpace page, they sound like “the inside of one hundred clocks.” Which, if their first track “Horse of Faded Grandeur” is any indication, means that they basically sound a lot like Joy Electric, what with the analog synth pings and squiggles, Martin’s fey vocals, and cryptic lyrics — as well as the retro/nostalgic vibe that has characterized Martin’s music since time immemorial, a vibe that I’ve always found rather fetching.

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