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July Skies’ Latest

July Skies (Band)

Whilst doing my usual music-related rounds, trying to figure out what I should start saving up for, I came across this little tidbit for July Skies’ upcoming releases. Yes, releases, plural, as in more than one. Which, if you’re a fan of shimmery, drifty music a la Slowdive and The Durutti Column, should make you smile.

The first release is a compilation titled Where The Days Go, which is scheduled to come out on Make Mine Music in June 2006. The tracklist is:

  1. Coastal Stations (Radio WZBC Session)
  2. Swallows And Swifts (Radio WZBC Session)
  3. Countryside Of 1939 (Radio WZBC Session)
  4. Learning With Mother (Radio WZBC Session)
  5. The Softest Kisses (At The Height Of Summer b-side)
  6. The Days We Played (At The Height Of Summer b-side)
  7. Southern Orchards (At The Height Of Summer b-side)
  8. Childhood Illustrator I
  9. The Map That Came To Life
  10. Berkswell
  11. It’s Late In The Day For Love
  12. Wiltshire Days And Skies
  13. August Country Fires (Epic45 Remix)
  14. RAF Saxa Vord
  15. Countryside Of 1939 (?????? ????? Remix)
  16. Autumn 45 Fires
  17. Waiting To Land (Epic45 Remix)
  18. Air To Ground At Manorbier
  19. You Take Me Through The Day
  20. Coastal Station (Live At The Ica 02.02.02)

Three of these tracks — “Swallows and Swifts”, “Berkswell”, and “The Days We Played” — can be listened to on the band’s MySpace page. And as one might assume, they’re quite lovely, full of hazy, effects-laden guitars and Antony Harding’s fragile vocals that bring to mind rural sunsets, mist-covered British countrysides, and other such imagery.

The second release will be July Skies’ third album proper, the long-awaited (at least around these parts) The Weather Clock, which is scheduled for a release in the autumn.

On a related note, an exclusive July Skies track — “Pevsner Broke Our Hearts” — will be on the upcoming Little Darla Has A Treat For You compilation. Due out on May 1, the two-disc affair will also include exclusive tracks from the likes of Aarktica, Robin Guthrie (The Cocteau Twins), Manual, Mahogany, Depth Affect, Melodium, Yellow6, and Epic45 — to name but a few. More info can be found on Darla’s website.

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