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Kenneth Copeland’s Heavy Metal Judgement on COVID-19

Who knew nonsensical theology made for such awesome breakdowns?

Televangelist and prosperity gospel huckster Kenneth Copeland is famous for lots of things. For example, saying that people who didn’t vote in 2016 would be “guilty of murder.” And defending his million dollar private jets by claiming that flying commercially was akin to getting “in a long tube with a bunch of demons.” And stating that COVID-19 was the fault of Trump’s critics while insisting that Trump’s own recovery proved that Christians are immune to the virus.

But all sketchy theology and political cravenness aside, did you know that Copeland is also an excellent heavy metal frontman? At last, he is when he’s backed by the face-melting riffs of YouTuber Andre Antunes. And Kenneth Copeland isn’t the only prosperity theologian whose nonsensical ravings make for surprisingly awesome breakdowns: Antunes has also made a similar video for Paula White.

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