Kickin’ Off The New Year

Alright, so the new year actually started 2 weeks ago, but I think our first update of 2001 is a good way to start the millennium.

First of all, we’ve got 8 new album reviews, as well as a list of my favorite records of 2000. Secondly, we’ve got a new movie review (Dancer In The Dark), as well as the results of my January 2001 movie marathon. 14 movies in 4 days… hopefully I’ll do better next time.

But the big news is that a new section is being added to Opus. It’s called “et cetera,” and there you’ll be able to find content that doesn’t fit into our other main section, like album reviews. Right now, you’ll just find some photo galleries of our crazy capers. But eventually, I hope to be adding interviews, concert reviews, and other interesting and cool stuff. As always, contributions are more than welcome.

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