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Late Night/Early Morning

You know you wanted it… the history of Christian music, in cartoon form. Some pretty good (and very funny) observations, but also some very broad generalizations.

True, it does feel like much of rock’s rebellious elements are missing from Christian music. However, you could make a strong case that it’s missing from most so-called “rock n’ roll” these days. It may be that “Christian rock” is no more an oxymoron than “rock n’ roll” is in and of itself.

Besides, I wonder what he’d think of SS Bountyhunter (you really should buy their albums, you know).

On another note, having a more “laid-back, individualistic” view of Christianity and adhering to the same “rigid” doctrine that more “traditional” Christians preach is not necessarily mutually exclusive. I guess it all depends on how you define those sorts of things.

It’s after 3:00am… I really should leave the office.

(Originally read on Plastic.)

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