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“Lento Levante” by LOVA

Producer Davide Lovato gives the blissed out sounds of balearic house a funky upgrade.

Released at the end of last year, Secrets of Sound’s The Last Resort compilation brings together artists from around the world in a haze of balearic bliss. The compilation has several standout tracks, including Joe Morris’s oceanic “The New Dawn Will Come” and Lovelock’s vaporwave-y “Eau Sauvage,” but it kicks off in high style with LOVA’s “Lento Levante,” which previously appeared on Dream Chimney’s 2021 Air Waves compilation.

Producer Davide Lovato takes the gauzy textures of balearic house music and blends them with cracking rhythms, some funky bass, and even a few hot guitar licks for good measure. The resulting track is a perfect soundtrack for the sort of sun-drenched imagery that’s commonly associated with the Mediterranean islands. And it’s just the sort of thing I need, a five-minute sonic escape from all of the cold and snow that blanketed Lincoln earlier this week.

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