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Let It Snow

Normally when I drive home from work, the skyline of Lincoln (such as it is) rises to greet me as I drive down I-180. But thanks to the snowstorm we’ve had all day, I saw nothing but a wide grey expanse in front of me. For a second, I wondered if the snowstorm had somehow shut down downtown Lincoln (it happened a few years ago).

But as I neared the overpass that takes you directly into downtown Lincoln, I began to make the shapes of buildings. I actually breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the hotel with its room lights arranged in a Christmas tree. Normally, I find that fairly cheesy, but tonight it was a welcome sight.

I work just outside the city limits and on a slightly elevated piece of land, which means that we get the brunt of the wind. There aren’t really any obstructions (trees, lots of buildings, etc.) to speak of in the area, and so today our office was completely surrounded by thick snow flurries. It was a truly surreal experience to gaze out the windows and see absolutely nothing past 10 feet; you felt like you were cut off from the rest of the world, adrift amidst a sea of nothingness.

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