Luxury’s First Two Albums Are Getting Vinyl Reissues

The legendary Chrindie band is reissuing their debut and sophomore albums via Burnt Toast Vinyl.
Luxury band 2015

I still remember that day in 1995 when I bought Luxury’s Amazing and Thank You at the Family Christian Bookstore in Omaha. I knew absolutely nothing about the band other than they were on Tooth & Nail Records, and at the time, that was good enough for me.

I didn’t know what to expect, but I was still taken aback by the band’s chaotic yet weirdly melodic music, and especially by Lee Bozeman’s coy, Morrissey-esqye vocals. My appreciation for the band has only grown since then. Their most recent album, 2014’s Trophies, is a masterpiece, and 2018’s Parallel Love documentary impressed me with their story of faithfulness and resilience.

Earlier this month, Luxury announced that their first two albums — 1995’s Amazing and Thank You and 1996’s The Latest and the Greatest — will be reissued on vinyl courtesy of Burnt Toast Vinyl. Both reissues are expected to ship in August 2023 and will feature bonus material, including live performances. Full details, including track listings and pre-order links, can be found on Burnt Toast’s website.

In addition to the announcement, Luxury’s members have been sharing memories and behind-the-scenes stories about the first two albums on Facebook, including their experiences working with Steve Hindalong and Chris Colbert, sneaking into a Velocity Girl show, experimenting with Pro Tools, coming into their own as a band, and evolving as musicians and artists.

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