MorZan, Live at the House of Blues

The ’90s Christian alternative music legends resurrect some of their classic material before a packed crowd.

Back in July 2022, Jyro La Villa and Jerome Fontamillas took to social media to announce that they were resurrecting their old bands — Mortal and Fold Zandura — as a new entity called MorZan. That news might not have meant much to many of you, but for ’90s Christian alternative music fans like myself, it was tantamount to, say, The Smiths getting back together.

Soon thereafter, the duo reissued Fold Zandura’s Dark Divine and King Planet, and then announced their first concert in, well, decades: a performance at Anaheim’s House of Blues. That concert happened just a days ago, and so far, this short video is all I’ve been able to find; it’s a collection of clips of MorZan performing “Avalanche,” a funked up version of “Enfleshed (The Word Is Alive),” and “Paradigm One” to a packed crowd.

Hopefully, others will post more from the concert — this video is titled “Part 1,” after all — including MorZan’s performances of such Mortal classics as “Rift” and “Alive and Wake,” during which they were joined by Allan Aguirre (Scaterd Few) and Tim Taber (The Prayer Chain).

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