New Subscriber Playlist: “Catching Up with 2023”

This month’s subscriber-only playlist and podcast episode is a collection of beat tapes, chillhop, and other vibes.
A render of 2023 against a black background

Every year, I compile a list of my favorite songs from the previous twelve months, a sort of year-end mix-tape. (For instance, here’s my 2023 year-end mix.) But inevitably, some songs get left off the mix. This month’s playlist, titled “Catching Up with 2023,” highlights some of my favorite songs from 2023 that didn’t end up on my year-end mix. Regardless, they’re still great songs that I still want to promote and share with subscribers.

Accompanying the playlist is the latest episode of my“Playlist Breakdown” podcast, in which I spotlight one of the playlist’s songs and why it’s so special, interesting, and/or meaningful. This month’s episode focuses on Pure Bathing Culture’s “The Chalice,” an immaculate tune from one of my long-time favorite dream pop acts.

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