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I got my first couple issues of Newtype USA in the mail today and I am officially in anime overload. I thumbed through 2 of them and I have no idea where to start. Each issue is packed to the brim with info on practically every facet of anime, and there’s tons of info on upcoming series (including promo DVDs). And for you designers out there, the layout is incredible. Completely over the top and overwhelming, with full-page spreads and beautiful artwork that I’m tempted to frame.

I picked up Samurai X: Reflection and the first volume of RahXephon earlier this week, and enjoyed both. I hope to get a review of Samurai X up soon, but don’t hold your breath. However, it’s definitely worth your money. As for RahXephon, I think I’m going to enjoy it a lot more the second time around.

Just a side note… I picked up bootlegs of RahXephon last year (which is why I was able to review the entire series back in December). However, I’m eagerly looking forward to picking up all of the domestic DVDs. Why? Well, I want to support anime here in the States. I could write about it until my fingers are numb but the best way to support it is to slap down my cold hard cash whenever a new DVD comes out. Fansubs are great for exposing people to anime, or for testing the waters when you want to check out a new series (such as Witch Hunter Robin), but as a fan, I want quality releases and I want to support those quality releases with words, promotion, and hard-earned cash.

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