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Heroic Bloodshed just posted some info about the U.S. release of Shaolin Soccer. This was one of my favorite films of last year, a real gem that was an absolute blast to watch. But according to the rumors, Miramax is changing the title to “Kung-Fu Soccer,” cutting out 30 some minutes, and giving it a rap soundtrack?!?

Please God, don’t let this be true.

It’s bad enough Miramax has butchered all of the other kung fu movies they’ve distributed here in the States, but I hope they’ll treat “Shaolin Soccer” a little better (seeing as how it was the biggest movie of the year in Hong Kong). I want to see it on the bigscreen with all of my friends, laughing and cheering with wild abandon over and over again. You see, that’s just the kind of magical movie “Shaolin Soccer” is.

Or was, if Miramax really does decide to take a huge, steaming crap all over it.

(Originally read on Ain’t It Cool News.)

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