Oldies But Still Goodies

If you’ve been poking around Opus for awhile, you might have noticed that some of the site’s content has been missing ever since the most recent redesign. Namely, interviews, most of the concert reviews, and all of the old Cornerstone journals. Well, rest assured that none of it has been deleted. It’s still all in the system, but just sort of floating in the ether.

I’m currently working on a major upgrade to Opus’ blog system, and so all of those “missing” articles will soon be appearing in a brand new form. In other words, don’t be surprised if you see some “new” blog entries that look very familiar. Admittedly, some of the content might seem rather dated, but it’s all stuff I’m proud of (especially Opus’ coverage of Cornerstones past), and it deserves a new lease on life.

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