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This was one of those things that can only happen on the Web. While working on my review of Portal’s Wave & Echoes, I needed to find the correct spelling of “onomatopoeia”. So, trusting myself to the whims of Google, I typed “onomato” into my little Safari search bar and lo and behold, came across this site for an experimental/avant-garde label.

Right now, they’ve only got one release,Translation Of Sightseeing by Yuko Nexus6 and Mariko TAJIRI. I listened to the MP3 they had available and was immediately taken back to the days when I sat around and listened to the likes of Lucid and After The Flood for hours on end, when I was delving deeply into the more abstract realms of “music”. I must admit I still have a fascination with field recordings and the like, and the way that they can conjure up these strange little parallel worlds in your imagination.

I suddenly felt the urge to revisit some of the “stranger” parts of my CD collection, and venture forth and see what’s out there in the “out there” realms. Funny how a little Google search can make you realize that you’ve become a bit complacent in your listening habits. Mind you, I’m not dissing any of the CDs that I’ve received lately, other than the ones I’d diss anyways, but it did make me realize that I really haven’t been stretching myself musically these days.

Part of me misses purchasing CDs from such distributors as Soleilmoon and Rioux’s (R.I.P) and just spending hours trying to wrap my head whatever strange, frightening, and fascinating sounds they contained. True, I already spend enough money on music as it is, and things are probably only going to get busier leading up to the day, but methinks it’s time to divert some time and money and expand my musical horizons a bit more than they have been lately.

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