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Opus Premier: “Engrama (The Space Between Numbers Remix)” by GALÁN / VOGT

The Space Between Numbers deliver a haunting remix from Galán / Vogt’s 2021 album.

Back in 2021, GALÁN / VOGT — the duo of ambient composer Pepo Galán and vocalist Karen Vogt (Heligoland) — released The Sweet Wait on Editions Furioso. Jump ahead a couple of years, and the duo are now releasing All the Time in the World, a collection of remixes of The Sweet Wait featuring the talents of Akira Rabelais, Hélène Vogelsinger, and James S.Taylor (to name a few).

I’m really pleased to offer a premier of The Space Between Numbers’ remix of “Engrama,” a hidden bonus track on the album. Hannah Davidson and Will Humphreys’ remix elongates and stretches the song’s ambient tones and Vogt’s vocalizations such that time just doesn’t mean much any more. The resulting mournful dirge sounds not unlike a vintage This Mortal Coil recording even as it avoids the obvious 4AD tropes.

In related news, Karen Vogt recently created a “Deep Breakfast Series” playlist that includes songs from The Durutti Column, The Green Kingdom, Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man, Low, as well as a previously unreleased epic45 song that Vogt sang on. Not surprisingly, her voice is a perfect match for Rob Glover and Ben Holton’s nostalgist melodies and soundscapes.

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