“Orb Weaver” by Natalie Jane Hill

The Austin-based folk singer’s recent single is an utterly enchanting slice of gently psychedelic folk.

“Orb Weaver” is the first single from Natalie Jane Hill’s upcoming album, Solely, and it’s an utterly enchanting slice of gently psychedelic folk.

The song’s focus, for obvious reasons, is on Hill’s finger-picked acoustic guitar and dreamy vocals, as she sings of finding solace in nature’s fragility (“Mighty and small, she spins her bed/And the strands they shimmer with wind/And I feel better, more than I ever did”).

However, lurking in the song’s background are haunting pedal steel and cello atmospherics that wouldn’t sound out of place on an Amy Annelle album. They cast the song in an otherworldly light — as if Hill’s taking you on a meandering stroll through the autumn woods at twilight.

Natalie Jane Hill’s Solely will be released by Dear Life Records on October 29 (click here to preorder).

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