“Out of Your Arms” by Starsabout

The Polish band returns with a new single of moody, atmospheric indie-rock par excellence.

One of my favorite Bandcamp discoveries is Starsabout, a Polish band whose atmospheric indie-rock blends post-rock and shoegaze with art-rock influences like 4AD and The Blue Nile. It’s been a long time since their last release, 2017’s excellent Longing for Home, but the group just released a new single titled “Out of Your Arms.” And basically, it’s exactly what I hoped to hear from them after so long a hiatus.

Moody to the extreme, “Out of Your Arms” is enhanced by a Cure-ish groove and some woozy saxophone courtesy of Klaudiusz Bogusłowicz. Meanwhile, Piotr Trypus sings about a faded relationship that has left him “crumbling on a half-empty street” and “drowning in the blinding light of the neon signs.” However, as was the case with Longing for Home, there’s an elegance to the band’s mopery that keeps it from becoming too overwrought. Or rather, allows it to become just overwrought enough.

In my review of Longing for Home, I wrote that “I think we’ll be hearing good things from Starsabout for a long time to come.” While it’s unfortunate that it’s taken four years to hear some new music from the band, I say better late than never. And at the risk of jinxing Starsabout’s future efforts, I hope “Out of Your Arms” is a sign of more good things to come.

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