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Out the Door

Well, I’m off to Toronto for the film festival. I’ll be flying out of Kansas City (it was several hundy cheaper to do that than fly out of Omaha), which means I’ll get to see the lovely K.C. crew for a bit. And then it’s off to the Great North for some much-needed R&R… and hopefully, some really cool movies. I don’t know how much Internet access I’ll have, so I don’t know how easily I’ll be able to respond to e-mails. But to be honest, I don’t care. I’ll consider it a real blessing if I don’t see a computer all week.

I spent most of yesterday updating the site with a bunch of new album and movie reviews. However, the update proved to be much bigger than I’d anticipated (not a bad problem to have, mind you), and I didn’t have enough time to add everything. The rest of the new stuff will be added when I get back next week, along with the accounts of my Canadian adventures.

This weekend’s update proved a little more momentous than most; 15 album reviews were posted, bringing the grand total to 702. That’s right… over 700 album reviews and counting! I’ve never really set a milestone for the site, to have posted X number of reviews by now, but it does feel nice to have that number under the belt, and it just took 6 or 7 years. Special thanks to Chris, Joel, Richie, and Matt for their time and contributions.

And with that, I bid you adieu until next week.

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