Roadside Monument’s Doug Lorig has a new band that’s a logical progression from his former band.

I’ll say it again and again: Roadside Monument was the most underappreciated band in the history of Tooth & Nail Records. They were too heavy and chaotic to be lumped in with the punk rock bands, too melodic and delicate to be lumped in with the hardcore bands, and too damn good to be lumped in with the emo bands.

The band officially broke up in 2003, but the band’s three members have managed to keep busy. Bassist Johnathon Ford is, of course, doing his own thing with Unwed Sailor, drummer Matt Johnson is playing drums with Jeremy Enigk (who has a new album coming out soon), and now vocalist/guitarist Doug Lorig has a new band called Patrol (or visit their MySpace page).

I’m listening to one of their MP3s right now, and it’s a logical progression from the sort of thing the Monument were doing circa I Am the Day of Current Taste. Just like Roadside Monument, it’s ugly, in-your-face, and heavy enough to crush your chest — and yet there’s something beautiful about Lorig’s strained voice howling over those twisting and turning melodies and ragged guitar shards.

Patrol’s debut album, Destinations, is now available from Stiff Slack Records.

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