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Previewing Portishead’s Third


As you might’ve heard, Portishead’s anticipated third album — named, surprisingly enough, Third — popped up on the Intertubes. I haven’t heard it myself — call me old-fashioned, but I like to wait for official release dates — but a few folks have heard it already and have posted their opinions.

Josh Hurst describes it as thunderously beautiful and richly layered. Elsewhere, Stereogum offers up a pretty extensive ℗review:

[L]et’s say it: Portishead win the “gloomiest comeback” of the year award. This a good thing. Very. The Bristol crew would flail out-of-water if they tried affixing any cheer. Atmospherically, lyrically, emotionally, Third is plenty fucking submerged, but it also has a newfound dynamic crest: You can’t label it trip-hop like you would (and did) Dummy, and it’s a rawer, rockier ride than Portishead. Beth, Geoff, and Adrian don’t wait long before introducing us to the new angles.

Third is due out on April 28, 2008 and will be preceded by a single for “Machine Gun,“ which will be released in both digital and 12” formats.

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