The Quentin Tarantino Movie Multiverse

Here’s a fun bit of geeky cinema theorizing.
Pulp Fiction - Quentin Tarantino

Here’s a fun bit of geeky cinema theorizing: Quentin Tarantino’s movies take place in one of two universes.

There’s the “Realer Than Real” universe, which is like an alternate version of our universe (only more cinematic) and is the setting for films like Pulp Fiction and Death Proof. Then there’s the “Movie Movie” universe, which is more fantastical and comic book-ish. The movies set in this universe, like Natural Born Killers and Kill Bill, are movies that characters in the “Realer Than Real” universe would see in the theatre. And of course, there are crossover characters that can move between the universes.

More theorizing here and here.

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