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Quique Redux

Quique, Seefeel

I just saw the latest e-mail newsletter from the wonderful folks at Tonevendor — one of the best places on-line for indulging your fixation on all music that’s swirly and dreamy — and saw some news that totally made my day.

A two-disc reissue of Seefeel’s “classic” album Quique is now available from Too Pure (order it from Tonevendor). If you haven’t heard Quique yet, you’re missing out on an album that, in a fair world, would be labelled with terms like “landmark” and “groundbreaking” (read my review).

Quique made the perfect bridge between the worlds of shoegazer pop and electronica, and it set the stage for much of the post-rock that the kids are all into these days (though noone has really come close to matching the sounds that Mark Clifford et al. produced). It’s an album that I still listen to with a fair amount of regularity — those gorgeous beats and atmospherics are the perfect soundtrack for those times when I need to get into the proper mindset for some heavy coding.

The two-disc reissue features the original album in remastered form on the first disc, while the second disc contains some rare mixes and 6 previously unreleased tracks. One of the new tracks, entitled “Clique,” can be heard on Seefeel’s official MySpace page. You can also find the complete tracklisting, plus a few more details, here.

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