Regarding all of this Palin Nonsense

I think Andy Whitman has a pretty good idea:

I have a crazy idea: let’s apply the same standards to journalists that they apply to politicians. For every breathless story written about a politician’s foibles, some other journalist gets to write a breathless story, after doing a solid background check and thorough vetting, of that journalist’s past. I know. It will never happen because nobody really cares about what a journalist might have done a quarter century ago. Exactly.

On a related note, I think most people would agree that, while it’s certainly not out of the question, the behavior of one’s child doesn’t automatically reflect, or speak to, the quality of one’s parenting, at least not completely. I know of several people who came from good families with loving parents, and still made mistakes (including the same one that Bristol Palin made). Conversely, there are just as many instances of children who have come from bad families who went on to live good, solid, productive lives. It’s certainly important, but nurture is not the whole story.

And if that’s all the case, then I wonder why so many people — on both sides of the fence — seem to feel that recent revelations say anything of value concerning Palin’s governing abilities. Certainly, there are more legitimate issues that can be raised and debated. Frankly, this whole business of rumors, conspiracies, and conjecture surrounding Palin’s children — and grandchildren, for that matter — merits an even lower circle of hell then its closest degenerate relative, “celebrity journalism”.

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