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“Resilience” by Endless Melancholy

The latest single from the Ukrainian musician conjures up Stranger Things vibes.

No doubt, the title of the latest single from Ukrainian ambient/dreampop artist Endless Melancholy takes on some added resonance in light of Russia’s ongoing invasion of his homeland. But whereas a lot of Endless Melancholy’s music is comprised of, well, melancholy compositions filled with wistful guitars and delicate textures (see previous single “Carpathian Fog”), “Resilience” feels a bit heavier and more substantial.

Some of that’s due to the Stranger Things-esque synth melodies and arpeggios, which build and churn throughout the song’s four minutes. As a result, it feels like one long build-up to a climax that never quite arrives, like the intro to another synthwave song. (Truth be told, I wouldn’t mind hearing a proper synthwave album from the guy.)

There’s something about the song’s simple melodies that communicate gravitas, survival, and tenacity — all qualities that certainly describe the Ukrainian people these days as they fight back against foreign aggressors.

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