“Resound” by The Foreign Resort

The Danish trio return with a new love song in their trademark post-punk style.

When I reviewed The Foreign Resort’s Outnumbered back in 2020, I described the Danish trio’s music as “a bracing blend of razor-sharp post-punk and chilly synth-pop that — most important of all — is supremely catchy.” In the ensuing years, the trio has released a slew of singles, covers (including one of Corey Hart’s “Sunglasses at Night”), and EPs. Their latest single, “Resound,” is more of the same — which is a very good thing in my book.

“Resound” is packed with throbbing rhythms, wiry guitar riffs, and gloomy synths galore, but would you believe that it’s actually a love song? “You changed my decay,” sings Mikkel Borbjerg Jakobsen; “Made my demons go away… Let’s take control and resound/Let’s make this our best one.” But such sentiments make sense in light of Jakobsen’s comments in a recent interview with AlterNation, where he talks about being “in a good place now, having gone through a rough time over the past couple of years.”

In the same interview, Jakobsen hints at an upcoming album to be released on or around the new year: “It will however take a little while before we are able to release the album, so we’re doing the next best thing, which is to release singles throughout 2024 and then hopefully we can present a full album on one or the other side of new year.” And if “Resound” is any indication, then The Foreign Resort’s new album will be a banger, indeed.

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