Resplandor Reissues Now Available From Saint Marie Records

Peru’s Resplandor helped open my eyes to the true global nature of shoegaze.

Texas-based Saint Marie Records has become one of the pre-eminent shoegaze/dreampop labels in recent years thanks to releases from solid acts like Lightfoils, Seasurfer, Trespassers William, and Lott Kestner. They’re also in the reissue business, rescuing releases from the likes of Piano Magic and Secret Shine from the dustbins of history. And now they’ve remastered and reissued three classic releases from Peru’s Resplandor.

Resplandor was, in some ways, responsible for opening my eyes to the true global nature of shoegaze. I was only familiar with American and British shoegaze acts, but then I started seeing this South American band mentioned in the same sentences as Slowdive and Cocteau Twins.

Originally formed in 1996 by Antonio Zelada, Resplandor hasn’t been the most prolific of artists — they only have three albums to their so far — but they make up for it with quality. Saint Marie has recently reissued three of Resplandor’s releases: their debut EP, 1998’s Sol de Hiel, and two albums, 2000’s Elipse and 2008’s Pleamar.

Though they haven’t released anything since 2008, Resplandor has kept busy in recent years, performing at the 2010 and 2011 SXSW festivals and playing with a host of bands including The Cure, Slowdive, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and Ulrich Schnauss.

In a recent interview, Resplandor revealed that they’re recording a new album, which will be released on Saint Marie Records some time in 2018.

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