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Rock Out With the New Mutants in All of Their ’80s Glory

It’s goofy and cheesy, and a nice alternative to the grimdark tone permeating superhero-themed entertainment.

In May, X-Men: Apocalypse arrives in theatres, and while it looks like it’ll have plenty of awesome mutant action — that shot of Psylocke slicing the car apart in mid-air does look pretty cool — it also looks like it’ll be plenty grimdark… like practically every other superhero movie out there these days. Which probably explains why I enjoyed Superhero Pop’s cheesy, ultra-’80s music video featuring the classic New Mutants so much.

Yep… Cannonball, Karma, Sunspot, Wolfsbane, Magik, even Warlock are in there, and in blue-and-yellow spandex. And then there’s Joan Jett Lila Cheney with Dazzler doing her thing as backup singer/lightshow, Guido, and even Longshot to boot.

This is actually Superhero Pop’s second mutant-themed video. The first features Dazzler roller-skating and, well, dazzling her way through the day as she tries to make it as a pop star in the big city. And it, too, is wonderfully ’80s. (Longshot’s glorious mullet fits right in.)

Both videos are a lot of fun, with plenty a nerdy callouts that longtime Marvel fans can appreciate. All in all, they’re nice alternatives to the super-serious fare that passes for a lot of superhero-themed entertainment these days. Hopefully, there’s more to come from the Superhero Pop crew — and they don’t experience the same fate as the recently cancelled X-Men: Danger Room Protocols. (Via)

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