Rosie Thomas Returns with Lullabies for Parents

The singer’s latest is a multimedia project intended to encourage and uplift parents.

It’s been nearly ten years since Rosie Thomas last graced us with an album (that would be 2012’s With Love). Since then, she’s been busy raising a family with husband Jeff Shoop (Ester Drang, Sufjan Stevens), an experience that served as the direct inspiration for her new multimedia project, Lullabies for Parents, a collection of resources intended to encourage, inspire, and comfort those of us raising little humans of our own. From her website:

Having been a purveyor of some admittedly sleepy music, it initially seemed an obvious time to make a lullaby album for kids. But as the newly overwhelmed and under-slept mother began writing, she soon realized the songs coming out were ultimately to comfort and soothe herself — the parent. As she’d always done before, Rosie wrote about what was in front of her, processing what she was going through, and what she needed to hear — and so parents themselves became the focus. She figured parents are the ones that need the soothing after all. Help the parents first, so that they can help their own kids. Like putting on your oxygen mask first, before helping those that need assistance — ya know… basically.

Lullabies for Parents will be a collection of music, videos, podcast episodes, essays, and community “that promotes finding common ground, connection, and comfort.” Joining her on the project is a truly impressive guest list, including David Bazan (Pedro the Lion), Iron & Wine, Leigh Nash (Sixpence None the Richer), The Shins, Sufjan Stevens, and Denison Witmer, to name a few.

In conjunction with the above trailer, which is as hilarious as it is heartfelt and moving, Thomas has released the first of these Lullabies, a gorgeous single titled “It’ll Be Alright” that’s filled with sentiments that any parent can identify with (“Afraid I’m gonna mess up/Sure I’m gonna let you down/How do I teach you all the lessons in life/When I’m still tryin’a figure em out”).

To help fund Lullabies for Parents, Thomas has launched a Patreon campaign. Depending on their level, supporters will get access to exclusive content and merch, discounts, and higher levels of access.

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