Safari 4 to Include SSB Feature and Fastest JavaScript Ever

Safari Old Logo

Safari 4 to include SSB feature and fastest JavaScript ever:

Safari 4 will include the SquirrelFish JavaScript engine being developed by the WebKit team. Apple is touting SquirrelFish as “the fastest implementation of JavaScript ever.” In addition, Safari 4 will also include a feature to create site-specific browsers, or SSBs, from any webpage. The functionality is not unlike that offered by Mozilla Labs’ Prism project or the highly-regarded Fluid for Mac OS X, which create a desktop app that is basically a browser with minimal UI to directly access a web-based app. And, Safari should incorporate CSS-based graphics improvements by the WebKit team, including CCS-based gradients, masks, and reflections.

Once again, Apple’s setting the bar high for the rest of the web browser market. All of those aforementioned features make me giggle like a little schoolgirl.

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