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Simon’s Nursery or, Hanging Out with Totoro

Totoro nursery

As Mrs. Opus mentioned, one of the first kid-related decisions we ever made was that, should any little peanuts come our way, we’d have to make sure they have a cool nursery. And what could be cooler than a Totoro-themed nursery?

It’s still a work in progress — we’ve got to hang the soot sprites somewhere — but the major stuff was finished this past weekend. Fortunately for us, Simon has some very talented grandparents: Renae and I didn’t have to do very much at all, other than giggle with delight at how awesome everything looked, from the wooden cutouts to the curtains to the paint.

You can find more photos on Renae’s Flickr page. And while I’d love to say that we were the first people to think of this idea, we weren’t.

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