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I’m sure that there are many of you who, even after all ten years, lament the passing of Lush. If so, might I humbly suggest that you check out Soundpool (MySpace)? The New York-based shoegazer 5-piece have been conjuring up dreamy sounds since 2005, and their music bears all of the hallmarks of what made Lush so great.

You’ve got a focus on using the hazy, effects-laden guitar atmospherics to actually bolster solid pop hooks and melodies; dreamy, bubbly female vocals (courtesy of Kim Field) that are all the more beautiful for their unintelligible cooing; subtle and exotic electronic flourishes courtesy of Field’s omnichord; and rhythms that can be surprisingly dance-y and propulsive… for a shoegazer outfit, anyway. All of which combine to make a pretty dang lovely sound, perfect for the days getting a little warmer and a little brighter (’round these parts, at least).

Soundpool’s latest album, Dichotomies and Dreamland, is now available from Aloft Records here in the States (buy it from Tonevendor). You can also buy it from iTunes, if digital media floats your boat.

If you prefer to try before you buy, download an MP3 of “The Divides of March” and give it a test spin (or two).

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