“Space Travel” by Johan Agebjörn & Mikael Ögren

The Swedish producer’s latest music is inspired by one of the greatest sci-fi novels of all time.

Up until now, I was only familiar with Swedish producer Johan Agebjörn through his work in the italo disco revival, specifically collaboration with the enigmatic Sally Shapiro. And his most recent release, a collaboration with Mikael Ögren titled Artefact (Spotted Peccary), is certainly of a piece with his earlier releases, with a decided retro flair.

However, “Space Travel” — Artefact’s penultimate and finest track — also possesses a sense of scope and vastness that’s something else entirely. Such scope shouldn’t be surprising, though: Artefact was inspired by Arthur C. Clarke’s Rendezvous with Rama, one of the greatest sci-fi novels of all time.

The song’s title is quite apt. Its pulsing beat, shimmering arpeggios, coruscating synths, and euphoric tone all combine to make you feel like you’re soaring through a cosmos filled with alien mysteries and wonders.

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