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Steven D. Greydanus on Hayao Miyazaki

Hayao Miyazaki’s Ponyo comes out on DVD this week, and to mark the occasion, Steven D. Greydanus (of Decent Films fame) has posted a wonderful overview of Miyazaki, his films, and his influence on American cinema.

For all viewers, Miyazaki’s whole body of work (less one or two sub-par exceptions) offers unduplicated vistas of imaginative wonder and beauty, images of startling power, admirable and likable heroines and heroes, humanely conceived supporting characters, elusively engaging storytelling, wholesome moral themes, and unexpected sly humor. He is the sort of artist whose work doesn’t just entertain audiences, but wins enthusiasts. For those who haven’t yet discovered him, Miyazaki is a taste well worth acquiring.

Greydanus’ article hits on every single reason why Miyazaki is one of my favorite filmmakers, and then some.

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