Stuntmen React to Movie Stunts

What makes a truly good movie stunt? These real-life stuntmen will tell you.

I recently discovered a series of fascinating YouTube videos in which real life stuntmen break down good and bad movie stunts, offer behind-the-scenes analysis, and discuss the various methods and techniques used to achieve your favorite death-defying spectacles.

For example, the above video looks at the stunts and styles of Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee’s battle with Chuck Norris in Way of the Dragon, and Oldboy’s epic and ground-breaking hallway fight sequence. Other videos in the series look at the HALO jump in Mission: Impossible – Fallout, John Wick’s brawls, and the car chases in the Fast and the Furious series, to name but a few examples. (All of the videos can be found on the Corridor Crew YouTube channel.)

Watching these videos and seeing not only the obvious skill and talent of those involved, but also the incredible risks that they take for our entertainment, and it’s simply mind-boggling (and maddening) that the Academy continues to refuse to hand out a “Best Stunts” Oscar.

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