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Teen Daze’s A Silent Planet is a C.S. Lewis-Inspired Cosmic Voyage

Teen Daze’s latest EP is inspired by C.S. Lewis’ Out Of The Silent Planet, and is appropriately spaced out in sound and scope.

While studying philosophy in the Swiss Alps in February 2008, Canadian musician Teen Daze came across Out of the Silent Planet, the first novel in C.S. Lewis’ science fiction trilogy. The novel made such an impression on him that, while recording some music several years later, he began to detect the novel’s themes and aesthetic in his new songs.

He re-read the novel and began to treat his songs as an adaptation of sorts of the novel. The result is A Silent Planet, a six-song EP that will be released on August 9th by Waaga Records.

From the official announcement on Teen Daze’s blog:

The six songs that appear on the EP are the result of many musical experiments, auditory accompaniments, and an attempt at a re-creation of Jamison’s experiences with this novel. In order to do his visions justice, he couldn’t simply write an electronic album, or a lo-fi pop album, or anything that he’d become known for. Teen Daze needed new sounds, and a new feel. Even though these songs may not resonate with those people who have come to admire his past works, he hopes that the listener will be able to see what he saw when writing and recording this album; that they’ll be able to feel what it would be like to explore a vast a new place.

Teen Daze has made the EP’s first song, “Surface,” available as a free download, or you can listen to it below.

It’s a starry-eyed, celestially minded song that is full of shoegazer-y guitars, lo-fi beats, and dreamy vocals. In a word, delightful, and definitely recommended if you’re into the likes of Keith Canisius and/or Jonas Munk’s poppier moments.

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