The Internet Monk is venturing into the “Creation Wars”

Michael Spencer may no longer be with us, but Chaplain Mike et al. have been doing a wonderful job of continuing his legacy of thoughtful-yet-passionate discussion of the many issues that face today’s Church. And one of the biggest issues is the apparent “war” between science and religion. And so, the Internet Monk is going to spend the next week at “the front lines of the Creation Wars.”

Do Christians really want to be the ones who deny, not merely the scientific model of biological evolution, but whole swaths of accepted scientific findings in geology, astronomy, physics, and many other fields based on a passage in the Bible that was never intended to address such matters?


I am no expert on questions of science. You won’t find me holding forth on these matters from a scientific perspective, because, well…because if I did you’d laugh at me and go read some other blog. At this point in my life and study, it is enough for me that many fine, thoughtful, committed Christians believe we don’t have to view this whole subject as a site for trench warfare.

We can talk.

On a related note, thanks to Elastic Heart for bringing to my attention “Adam and Eve: Literal or Literary?,” a fascinating article on possible explanations for the Bible’s first humans that are faithful to both the Bible and science. For more on this topic, I’ll refer to an entry I wrote back in March on Tim Keller’s essay, “Creation, Evolution, and Christian Laypeople.”

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