This Retro Intro for Andor is a Work of Art

Andor’s been pretty great as is. Turns out, all it’s really been missing is a ’70s-style intro.

The season finale of Andor drops this week, and I feel pretty confident saying that this series is one of the best things to happen to Star Wars in years. By downplaying the franchise’s usual themes (e.g., Jedi, the Force, the legacies of certain gifted bloodlines) and focusing instead on the nitty gritty of the Rebellion’s origins, Andor has been thrilling, moving, and even thought-provoking in its depiction of tyranny, evil’s banality, and the dark side of freedom fighting.

Indeed, it turns out the only thing that Andor’s been missing is a retro, ’70s-style intro, like the one above. From the portentous narration (“Before there was hope in the galaxy, there was… Andor”) to the trippy, synth-heavy soundtrack, to even the typography of the credits, the Auralnauts’ intro hits all of the right nostalgic notes. (And while we’re talking about retro-tastic takes on Star Wars, check out The Blackstar Warrior.) Via

Andor’s second season is currently filming in London. Scheduled for late 2024, it’ll conclude the series and directly lead into the events of 2016’s Rogue One.

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