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Tick… Tock

Man, I need to be get out more… the new Starflyer 59 and Bon Voyage CDs came out awhile back and I don’t have either one. In other Starflyer news, Frank Lenz (Fold Zandura, Charity Empressa) is now the band’s official drummer.

The new Joy Electric CD, titled The Tick Tock Treasury, will be coming out March 25, 2003. It’s supposed to be more upbeat that previous albums, and with song titles like “C Minor Miners” and “St. Glockenspiel’s Science Faire,” there’s no way you can go wrong!

If you want to see something cool (and have a really fast connection), check out the animations on Renascent, especially “Jenovah.” Bonus points for the FF7 reference.

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