“Tunnels” by Antarctic Wastelands and Norvik

A lovely slice of dark ambience that’s over far too soon.

As you might expect from a song titled “Tunnels,” this collaboration between Ben Tatlow (Antarctic Wastelands) and Gabriel Chan (Norvik) is filled with subdued atmospherics suggesting shadowy realms and unseen places. But Lustmord this most certainly is not. There’s a dreamlike aspect to the song that imbues it with glimmers of light, making it far more interesting than a slab of simple dark ambience would be.

And of course, like most Antarctic Wastelands-related compositions, “Tunnels” is over far too soon. It’s not uncommon for dark ambient pieces to stretch on well past the ten-minute mark; “Tunnels” doesn’t even reach half that. Which means that while the song doesn’t get a chance to wear out its welcome, it also feels like a prelude more than a complete piece; you’re left wishing there was more to hear and explore.

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