Was That Sunshine I Saw?

Wow… I think spring is nearly here. Last week, on the way down to see Unwed Sailor in Kansas City (which was incredible, by the way), the weather was incredible. I think it was in the 50s both days. After weeks of snow and ice, it was quite the blessing. The latest updates took a tad longer (don’t they always), but I wanted to make sure I could put up as much as possible.

Of course, there are some new album and movie reviews. But I’ve also restructured the photo galleries. All of the band photos are in one place now… I started Opus as a way to rant about music I loved, so why not do it in a bit more visual manner? I’ve got photos of Unwed Sailor, Low, Ester Drang, and many more. Most will be taken at shows here in Lincoln, but every so often, a surprise might pop up.

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