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Watch the First Episode of Netflix’s Blue Eye Samurai

This animated series is definitely not for kids, but it’s visually stunning and moves with a lethal and complex grace.

In the 17th century, Japan completely closed its borders to all foreigners, and any foreign influence was frowned upon. Mizu’s blue eyes are clear evidence of foreign influence, leading to a life filled with abuse and hardship. But fortunately, Mizu is also extremely skilled with the sword, which comes in handy since she’s sworn to exact vengeance on the white men who remain in Japan. (The series’ storyline makes me wonder if the series’ creators watched any of the Sleepy Eyes of Death movies.)

Earlier this month, Netflix released the first episode of Blue Eye Samurai on YouTube (watch above). Be warned, though: the sexual content and bloody action means this series is most definitely not for children. But it’s visually stunning, with highly stylized artwork and thrillingly choreographed action, and as far as vengeance stories go, it moves with a lethal and complex grace. (This video offers a behind-the-scenes look at the series’ impressive production.) And even better, Blue Eye Samurai boasts an incredible voice cast, including George Takei, Randall Park, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Ming-Na Wen, Mark Dacascos, and Kenneth Branagh.

All eight episodes of Blue Eye Samurai are currently streaming on Netflix.

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