Website Review: Geekologie

It seems to me that a lot of gadget blogs, for all of their fascination with the sleekest and coolest technological marvels, are somewhat luddite-ish in their approach to their designs.

They try to cram as many articles, affiliate and network links, and of course, banner ads, into their design as possible. As a result, they become bloated, slow, and cluttered. Which, it seems to me, is somewhat disconnected from the material that they’re covering. After all, shouldn’t a blog that writes about sleek new laptops, cellphones, digital cameras, and HD televisions have a look that’s somehow equally sleek and contemporary?

That’s what strikes me so much about Geekologie’s new design. It’s simple and sleek, refined and minimal. The simple logo treatment immediately caught my eye the first time I visited the site, and continues to do so. With its sans-serif type and brushed chrome appearance, the header looks like it’s the product of exotic German engineering, which makes sense given the site’s focus. Meanwhile, the color scheme (greys with just a few splashes of pink) adds to the simplicity and elegance, as does a nice amount of “Web 2.0” gloss.

Of course, design only takes you so far. Geekologie isn’t updated as much as, say, Gizmodo or Engadget, nor does its snarky tone always sit well. In that regard, Geekologie is more like its fellow Anticlown sites.

I don’t know if the site would ever become quite the mover or shaker that Gizmodo is. However, that doesn’t make it any less intriguing, eye-catching or inspiring even (in its own cheeky way).

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