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What kind of man is Donald Trump?

It’s beyond disheartening to see so many Christians and Republicans rally around this man.
Donald Trump
(Gage SkidmoreCC BY-SA 3.0)

This is the kind of man that we have for president, ladies and gentlemen. When yet another woman accuses him of rape or sexual assault, his first defense is “she’s not my type” (which, by the way, he said “with great respect”).

So does that mean that there is a type of woman that he’d rape?

And never mind the fact that one of his claims — that he’s never met Carroll — is easily disproven by a photograph. But then again, telling the truth has never really been Trump’s thing.

It’s beyond disheartening to see so many Christians and Republicans — especially those who were apoplectic over Bill Clinton’s failings and tout their defense of “family values” — rally around this man instead of holding him to a higher moral standard… or any moral standard, for that matter.

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