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“When Things Fall Apart”: The 2011 Rochester L’Abri Conference

The brochure for the 2011 Rochester L’Abri Conference has arrived, and it looks to be yet another solid conference.

Christmas came a little early to the Opus household this year: last week, the brochure for the 2011 L’Abri conference in Rochester, Minnosota arrived in our mailbox. The conference’s theme is “When Things Fall Apart: Living with Hope and Dignity” and as can be expected, the line-up of speakers and seminars looks very solid. Here’s a small sampling of the schedule (which is presumably subject to change):

  • Jerram Barrs — “Holding All Things Together: A Biblical Understanding of Human Culture”
  • Ben Keyes and Ordinary Time — “A Cold and Broken Hallelujah: The Importance of Lament in the Church Today”
  • John Hodges — “TS Eliot: The 20th Century’s Poet of Despair and Hope”
  • John Hodges — “Suffering and Hope: Gorecki’s Third Symphony Revisited”
  • Denis Haack — “Faithfulness for Ordinary Christians: Finding Direction in a Pluralistic World”
  • Denis Haack — “Life on the Edge: Journeys of Film into Darkness”
  • Jerram Barrs — “They are Building a Mosque/Hindu Temple in My Neighborhood”
  • Jeff Adams — “The Need for Re-enchantment: The Theological Imagination of Lewis, Tolkien, and MacDonald”

The conference takes place February 11th-12th, 2011 at the Kahler Grand Hotel. Download the brochure for registration information.

Whether you’re a Christian who is well-grounded in the faith, a Christian who is still finding your way, a skeptic with significant doubts about the claims of Christ and Christianity, or something else entirely, I highly recommend attending the conference. You’re bound to hear some thought-provoking stuff and have a stimulating conversation or two.

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