The Black Mask Soundtrack by Various Artists (Review)

An uneventful mix made up of mostly boring and pointless tracks.
The Black Mask Soundtrack - Various

Ah… soundtracks to major motion pictures. So often they stand as one of the most brilliant forms of musical, no, human expression. Of course that statement is much like this CD… a joke. Black Mask is an uneventful mix made up of mostly boring and pointless tracks. Upon listening I found myself trying to figure out which song sucked the most.

While it may not be the worst cut for all who remember 1996’s “Shine” and the ingenious “Lyrical Tactics,” Natural Element’s super crappy offering “Live It Up” is without a doubt the biggest disappointment. Soon, I had written the record off but out of nowhere I was treated to the album’s illest joint, “Wild West” by local up and comers Deadly Snakes.

“Wild West” bangs with dope rhymes and a bass-heavy minimalist instrumental a.k.a “The Boom Bap.” After this, the listener is subjected to more mediocore flim flam such as Defari’s “Killing Spree” and Half a Mil’s “Fires in Hell” and many others which can only be described as horrible, with the notable exceptions of “The Attack Is On” by D.V alias Khrist and Everlast’s vivid “Pain Killers.”

But… to sum up the Black Mask soundtrack I am reminded of a quote from Adam Sandler’s Billy Madison: “Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

Written by John Morrison.

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