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Burnside Project by Burnside Project (Review)

A different kind of fourth dimensional indie rockiness.
Burnside Project

This album seems to be some kind of canvas of indie rock covered with a plethora of trip hop prisms, lyrical pyramids, and square vocal poetry with a slight variation in tempo and melody. It makes for a different kind of fourth dimensional indie rockiness.

It has a subtlety in it that makes me think of something. Tyler Durden. Splicing bad scenes into otherwise family friendly movies (this phrase has been approved for general audiences). This album makes me want to splice Angela Langer’s small and perfect voice into otherwise frustrating music. Did Burnside have to save the best for last? “Steven” features the teeny, tiny vocals of Angela Langer. It shines out like a brightly polished pearl amongst other oysters.

At times, this music makes me smile and whisper “Ambience… my dulsive darling,” but then I wince because the vocal poetry accompanying the ambience collides with it at 80mph and it’s quite an ugly accident. Perhaps if these two vehicles were traveling the same road, going the same direction, and at the same speed, it would be a breathtaking spectacle in musical finery and sleekness.

Written by Tricia Krull.

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